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Bring focus and energy to your employees during stressful times of the year.

Inner Corporate yoga programs are an amazing and easy to implement tool that helps increase productivity, and combats factors that contribute to burnout. Your happier, and more relaxed, workforce will be empowered emotionally and physically to excel at their jobs. Yoga helps in reducing back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, which are some of the most common workplace problems. Practicing yoga regularly creates positivity, and reduces aggression and hostility. Yoga is an overall health booster and therefore aids in significantly reducing absenteeism.


Get centered and find santosha at any Oahu island resort you are staying at.

Sometimes we book ourselves a vacation that we then need a vacation from. Instead, you could opt for a setting a day of your vacation aside focused on getting calm, centered and feeling whole again, all while enjoying Oahu's white sand beaches and island charm. We can help you achieve this by coming to your resort and guiding you through your own Yoga class. Right in your own slice of paradise.

Jenia Kiseleva

Jenia Kiseleva

Yoga Director

I became a certified Yoga instructor in 2005, after a dance injury encouraged me to change path. Training in ballet from age 5 enabled me to discover the body as an extremely powerful yet delicate tool. Through my own rehabilitation and many years of studying I found ways to emphasize simplicity of movement through breathing patterns making practice more effortless and productive.

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