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Focusing on the natural elements around us, and the use of breath, this Anusara-inspired Hatha-based yoga class offers innovative yoga sequences suitable for all levels. Unique to this class, we use therapeutic hand points, or Yoga Mudras, and observe the effects of this Mudra practice on the body. In addition, hands-on adjustments will assist participants in refining their practice and facilitating the release of unnecessary tension in their postures. By exploring breathing techniques we will accelerate the flow of energy or Prana. Please contact me for scheduling.

This class ends with classic Shavasana resting pose and gentle pressure point for optimum relaxation. Meditation and yoga pressure point therapy are available upon request.

Key to Life Yoga offers private yoga classes in the comfort of your home or office. We come to you and will provide resources like additional yoga mats, incense, music, and lighting to make your yoga experience relaxing and unforgettable. Contact us for more information on classes and schedules.

Price available upon request.

Jenia Kiseleva

Jenia Kiseleva

Yoga Director

I became a certified Yoga instructor in 2005, after a dance injury encouraged me to change path. Training in ballet from age 5 enabled me to discover the body as an extremely powerful yet delicate tool. Through my own rehabilitation and many years of studying I found ways to emphasize simplicity of movement through breathing patterns making practice more effortless and productive.

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